Characterizaton of red fruit (Pandanus conoideus Lam) oil

The fruits and vegetables are the component  of human diet. As suggested by The World Health
Organization (WHO), the consumption of at least  400 g of fruits and vegetables are needed for the
healthy life style. Inversely, the low consumption of  fruits and vegetables is considered a risk factor for
the incidence of several diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes and obesity (Satphaty et al., 2011).
Red fruit (Pandanus conoideus Lam) (Figure 1) is  an indigenous plant from Papua Province, Indonesia
and Papua New Guinea. This fruit has uncommon  shape with 68- 110 cm length and diameter of 10-15
cm, red in color, and contains large amount of oil.

According to Sant’Ana (2011), this fruit can be taken into account as exotic fruit due to unusual shape.
For local communities, it is believed that fruit of P. conoideus can treat several degenerative diseases
such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and stroke (Budi and Paimin, 2004).

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