Papua Red Pandanus

Pandanus Conoideus Lam / Red fruit is special and typical plant or endemic which grow at Papua island. But most population could seen at Jayawijaya, Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong.

Red Pandanus Fruit plants are grow among the density of tropical forest, spread within cool mountain climate on 2000-3000 meters above sea level in Papua.

The Latin name for Red Pandanus fruit is Pandanus Conoideus Lam.

Red Pandanus Fruit Oil is included pandanus family with 16 m height with free stand limp 5 to 8 m height supported with rhizome at lower limp. The shape is oval and the bud covered with fruit leaves. The length of Red Fruit is 55 cm, 10-15 diameter and 2-3 kg weight. The color is bright maroon red and a few of them are brown and yellowish brown.

There are 30 variant of Red Fruit (Pandanous Conoideus / Tawy), but there are 4 varieties only which has high economy value among others such as long red (merah panjang), short red (pendek merah), brown and yellow. Red Pandanus Fruit (Pandanous conodeus) which are used as a medicine is long red and the size is around 100 cm length and 18 cm diameter length. It has blunt edge. Cylindrical shape and heart point with 7.5 kg weight.

Red Pandanus Fruit Oil is being cooked and consumed as a traditional food in Papua. Red Pandanus Fruit Oil extract is consumed by everybody as a supplement food and to cure many disease

Red Pandanus Fruit can treat lethal diseases.
It can make us strong and healthy and good for hard worker as well.

International Pharmaceutical Standard
During the manufacturing process of tawy oil, the producer imposed the highest production standards in a sterile room and utilize only stainless steel equipment – an International pharmaceutical standard – to produce high quality products.

Good Manufacturing Process
Employing only skilled professional agriculturist, pharmacist, and chemist, the manufacturer is focus on delivering the best quality products – “RFO”.

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